Self Treatment for Drug Abuse (3 OF 6)

Work On Your Self-Esteem to Stay Away From Drugs     If you want to be able to win in your battle against addiction it is important that you work on your level of self-esteem. A lot of people addicted to drugs have low levels of self-esteem and in most cases that is what got […]

Self Treatment for Drug Abuse (2 OF 6)

Learn Self-Discipline to Beat Drugs     Now that you have accepted that you have a problem and are ready to start attacking your addiction it is time to start going over some skills that will keep you strong. The first skill that we will go over, and probably one of the most important, is […]


Dr. Richardson, in his lectures on alcohol, given both in England and America, speaking of the action of this substance on the blood after passing from the stomach, says: “Suppose, then, a certain measure of alcohol be taken into the stomach, it will be absorbed there, but, previous to absorption, it will have to undergo […]

Best Cold Sore Treatment – 3 Helpful Tips

  No one wants to suffer through two weeks of painful, ugly cold sores so finding the best cold sore treatment can seem almost like a matter of life and death. There are a lot of things that can cause a cold sore outbreak. Too much stress, hormone changes, extreme temperatures, other illnesses such as […]